A Q&A with Sam Curry

January 6, 2015

Enjoy this audio podcast interview with the Chief Technology and Security Officer of Arbor Networks, Sam Curry.

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Why did you join Arbor?
Arbor has all the right ingredients: solid brand, great culture, strong team, world-class technology, class leader in its core business and a tremendous ability to transform security.  After meeting the team, the fit just felt right. Looking at Arbor, I also realized that I have the best ability to have affect for my personal actions.  I have the right skills and experience for Arbor, and Arbor presents me with an opportunity to achieve the greatest positive influence and change on the wider world of security.

What will your role as CTO/CSO encompass?
Being a CTO is in my blood: it's about being a technical business leader, championing innovation, setting the right technical direction and being the "face" of a company's technology.  Being a CSO is often internal-focused, risk-centric and security practicing.  In most companies, these roles are very different; but the breakthrough here is to realize that for a security company, these two functions are, and should, be tightly coupled.  The core functions of each are important to the other, so this is a case of 2 + 2 > 4.  We need to practice what we preach and become innovators in both the security practice side of the business as well as the core technologies and services of what we sell to others.  At Arbor, these are and must be very close to one another.  Here I have the chance to both forge the tools and use them!

What opportunity do you see for Arbor?
We are the anti-DDoS company and understand traffic better than anyone.  The most obvious adjacency to that core business, which can't be derailed, is to look into the wider security market.  From a business perspective, it's 10 times the size of the anti-DDoS market.  We have an extensible brand and an approach that can revolutionize anti-threat efforts, incident response and meaningfully reduce risk for companies.  We have earned the right to play with what we have achieved, and our deep insight into human behavior on networks – good and bad – makes us highly relevant to every enterprise-class practitioner in the world.  Our future is to bring the Arbor depth and insight to a world that is screaming for more relevant solutions and truly effective tools and defenses.

How does your past experience help Arbor’s growth?
My past experience will absolutely help Arbor's growth.  I have been in the center of several "incidents" and have lived in the trenches of security, from identity to advanced threat.  I know the CISOs, I've been there with them and I am one too.  

What don't people understand about Arbor?
Arbor has approached the "wired world" from an angle that is unique among security players: we see and have seen the evolution of the Internet from a different angle.  While others are talking "big data," we've been dealing with "huge flow."  We, in effect, have developed the best-kept secret in the industry: deep understanding of good and bad behaviors.  When the advanced tools, threat context and innovative approach to improving the efficiency of threat responders hit market in 2015, we're going to cause quite a stir and will be the breakout surprise of the industry.  That's what people are going to understand about Arbor and it’s why we are positioned to be a serious player beyond our traditional sweet spot: we will be the ones to watch in enterprise security.


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