Network Security for Cloud and Hosting Providers: Arbor Networks

June 19, 2013 Welcome to HostingCon 2013. Tom Bienkowski, Arbor Networks' Director of Product Marketing, takes a few minutes to talk to us about the growing threat of DDoS attacks and what enterprises can do to mitigate them. DDoS attacks are growing in frequency, size, and complexity, so it's important to keep you network safe. One question that has been risen in the IT community is why enterprise and big businesses are at a higher risk for DDoS attacks. Tom explains that these companies are an attractive target for attackers because of their multi-tenant nature, providing services for hundreds of thousands of customers. If a business like this is the victim of a DDoS attack, it can affect all of those customers. Tom elaborates on how network security and DDoS prevention can actually serve as a differentiator for these enterprise companies, allowing them to provide security for their own clients as a value added service. Arbor Networks provides two layers of visibility. The first is overall network visibility, showing the data that is coming in and out of your network and what applications are being accessed. Arbor then analyses that data through the lens of threat identification, warning clients of potential attacks and highlighting any anomalous data leaving your network.
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