We See Things Others Can't: A Differentiated Approach to Advanced Threat Protection

October 1, 2013
Chief Security Officers have a hard job. Today's businesses are highly Internet-centric. Networks are crucial to modern business, and this means that CSOs must keep those networks safe and operational. Attacks can come from any direction, so be able to have a clear image of your network, it's incoming and outgoing traffic, and the threat landscape in general is a pivotal part of a solid network security solution. Arbor Network's differentiated approach to advanced threat protection means CSOs and IT professionals have a clear, 360 degree view of their networks, making DDoS and threat mitigation easier. Chief Security Officers can quickly pinpoint the source of a security issue and mitigate from there. For years, other solutions have focused on a single point of vulnerability. Arbor takes a pan-network approach, helping CSOs keep guard of their entire network, not just the front door. For more on how you can keep your network safe and quickly mitigate advanced threats, click the link above.
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