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March 19, 2014 Every enterprise is rightly concerned about how safe their network is. Dan Holden, Director of Arbor Networks Security Engineering and Response Team (ASERT), and Richard Stiennon, Chief Research analyst at IT-Harvest, discuss some of the key features of the Pravail Security Analytics solution. Explore and Understand Attacks Across the Entire Network Upload network packet captures from anywhere in the network, not just where you have a security enforcement point, to get an unprecedented view of attack risk across your entire global network. Simple Setup, Immediate Analysis Because Pravail Security Analytics deals with uploaded full packet captures, there is no need to integrate with other security systems or logs, and no need to configure complex parsers. Analysis occurs the moment Pravail SA starts receiving data. Interactive Visualization and Fine-Grained Control Analyze packet captures whenever or however the organization requires. This allows for real-time analysis or post-compromise research. Organizations can also evaluate captures in scales of minutes or days, as well as view attacks in older data. Reveal Undetected Attacks Whenever updated Threat Intelligence is available, Pravail Security Analytics searches your historical traffic to find previously undetected zero day attacks. Enhanced IR and Forensics Understand network events and attack indicators. View packet captures and data at custom intervals to determine attack infection and propagation. You can sign up for a free demo account that provides full access to the solution through 50GB of public data sets stored within the system. This enables you to see how powerful data visualizations can surface clear and actionable intelligence. You can also sign up for a free 30 day trial in which you can upload up to 1G of your own network traffic. See the powerful combination of Big Data technology, stunning visualizations and security analytics.
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