Arbor Cloud: DDoS Managed Services

April 6, 2017
Arbor Cloud offers enterprise and service provider customers a fully managed, best-practice DDoS defense service that tightly integrates on-premises and cloud-based mitigation in a single solution. Arbor Cloud provides in-cloud protection from advanced and high-volume distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks without interrupting access to business applications and services. Arbor Cloud’s on-demand, traffic scrubbing service, staffed by Arbor’s DDoS security experts, defends against volumetric DDoS attacks that are too large to be mitigated on-premise. Arbor Cloud’s on-premise component — powered by Arbor Networks® APS — delivers visibility into traffic entering the network, providing always-on DDoS attack detection and mitigation. Arbor’s patented Cloud Signaling capability tightly integrates on-premise and cloud-based defenses significantly reducing the time needed to mitigate attacks. This agile, multi-layer defense is industry best practice for DDoS protection, ensuring that enterprise networks are protected no matter what type of DDoS attack they are facing. Arbor Cloud also offers complete transparency of operation, including providing a view into blocked hosts and even packets, offering the flexibility enterprises need to alter attack countermeasures and thresholds. Via layered protection, Arbor is delivering a comprehensive, industry-leading DDoS protection solution for enterprise networks.

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