Going on the offense with Pravail Security Analytics

November 12, 2014

Targeted attacks against today’s enterprises are rarely a singular event. Instead, they tend to be a long running campaign that starts with a simple compromise and escalates into a larger incident involving unauthorized access and data theft. Furthermore, today’s attackers are motivated – they’ve done the legwork to really understand their target and how to avoid being detected. Further compounding today’s advanced threat landscape is an often-overloaded Security Operations Center (SOC) team; a team who is often juggling so many high-priority items that they only have time to react, vs. taking the offensive approach to threat detection.

What if security teams were able to seek out the attacker as opposed to waiting for them to slip up and trip an alert? With motivated attackers penetrating successfully, security leaders are creating internal teams of hunters to locate the attacker and to eradicate them as quickly as possible. 

This is where Pravail® Security Analytics comes into play -- empowering security teams to have a fighting chance defending the enterprise. To be successful at hunting for an attacker, security teams need visibility, speed, accuracy and analysis across historical and real-time data. We understand this requirement and, using big data technology, we enable security teams to make faster, and more importantly, accurate decisions across complex networks.

Pravail Security Analytics delivers real-time and historical deep inspection to simplify analysts’ workload hunting for the attacker. The ability to replay captured traffic (referred to as ‘looping’) using the latest security intelligence is important because it provides retroactive forensics to uncover possible pre-existing compromise and to eradicate the attacker before data exfiltration occurs.

So what’s the better alternative? Be reactive and wait for the attacker to make a mistake and trigger an alert, or be proactive and use security analytics to locate the attacker? Preventing the exfiltration of data is futile without the ability to detect before it’s too late. Pravail Security Analytics enables security teams to focus their attention where it matters most.

For more on Pravail Security Analytics, read today’s press release announcing the availability of the Pravail Security Analytics appliance, or click here for more on both the on-premise and in-cloud version of Pravail Security Analytics.


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