Arbor DDoS for All

November 2, 2015
Every business operating today is as dependent on connectivity and access to networks, applications and online services as the rest of the world is on electricity. It is that fundamental. So whether you’re a service provider, a global enterprise or an emerging growth company, you need to protect not only the availability of your websites, but access to your CRM, HR, Email and cloud based apps that run the modern business. The problem is there’s been a difference the type of DDoS protection solutions available to the big guys and the little guys. That is until now. Arbor Networks believes that every business deserves to be protected and have developed a range of products and services to give businesses everything they need to detect problems and protect their organizations from attack. For Arbor’s traditional customer, the service provider, cloud hosting and large enterprise, we've dramatically increased the DDoS mitigation capacity of our solutions, up to a 4X improvement at a lower cost per gig of protection. We're also scaling our Arbor Cloud infrastructure to 2Tbps of global mitigation capacity. This is important because of the dramatic growth in DDoS attack size in recent years For emerging growth and mid-sized businesses, customers who previously may have considered Arbor DDoS protection out of their reach, we have new fully managed services as part of Arbor Cloud, meaning they can outsource to the world's leading experts. We also have new virtualized solutions that allow for low cost deployment of DDoS protection on-premise, which is critical to protect mission critical business applications. Now, the world’s most broadly deployed DDoS mitigation solutions are available to any business no matter its size. You depend on availability, and you deserve the best protection. Arbor for All, Exclusively for everyone.
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