A Decade of Denial: Why DDoS Still Exists and What To Do About It

December 12, 2012
Distributed Denial of Service or DDoS has been around since the late 1990s, but hit in a big way in Feb. 2000 when sustained attacks took down several large Websites including Yahoo and Amazon. Since then, the techniques for DDoS have evolved to leverage different attack motivations as well as to bypass protection measures put in place to stop these attacks. In this panel, industry experts will discuss the history of DDoS and why it is still so prevalent today. Topics will focus on attacker motivation, various threat vectors and new tools being used – and why you need to be updating your mitigation measures at the same pace. Jeff Wilson, Senior Analyst, Infonetics (Moderator); Dan Holden, Director of Security Research, Arbor Networks; and, Rakesh Shah, Sr. Director of Product Marketing and Strategy


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