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December 17, 2012 Pravail APS is one of the world most advanced DDOS protection products, providing proven, on-premise DDoS protection for the most critical enterprise and government networks. Finally an organization can rest assured knowing that their network will not be victim to a malicious cyber attack. This video is a visual compilation featuring some of the many features that come with Pravail APS. The product is easy to configure and install, providing immediate protection from attacks that threaten service and availability. Pravail APS is enhanced by automatic security updates delivered by Arbor's Security Engineering and Response Team (ASERT), a team of experts known to be the world leaders in DDoS research and findings - clients are notified immediately by email when trouble is detected. Arbor's unique cloud signaling capabilities seamlessly integrate the on-premise availability protection of Pravail APS with cloud-based DDoS protection delivered by many leading managed security providers who leverage the Arbor Peakflow platform. Additionally, Pravail APS allows a user to block traffic based on location and IP address once a threat is detected. All of this adds up to the most thorough DDoS protection product suite on the market.
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