The Growing Role of Threat Intelligence

March 15, 2013 One of the necessary tools of any network operator is a comprehensive set of threat analysis. But all too often that data is incomplete or too vague to detect threat intensity. This only allows for reactionary network security, often leading to downtime, lost money, and lost time. Proactive and reliable threat intelligence lets network operators prevent downtime and loss. Arbor Network's ATLAS (Active Threat Level Analysis System) is the foremost collection and analysis system. ATLAS collects Internet traffic data from around the globe, analyzes it, and publishes its findings online in a scalable view that lets network operators work proactively against damage from DDoS attacks, botnet activity, malware, and more. Today's network trends such as cloud computing and BYOD (bring your own device) make threat analysis more important than ever. To learn more about ATLAS, click the link above.
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Gaining Real Business Value From ATLAS
Gaining Real Business Value From ATLAS Threat intelligence is a must for today's security professionals. But with so...

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DDoS Attack Protection: Arbor Network's ATLAS
DDoS Attack Protection: Arbor Network's ATLAS

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