Arbor Networks: Researching DDoS and Advanced Threats

March 21, 2013 Black hat hackers are experiencing an era of innovation- constantly discovering new loopholes to exploit, attacking your systems with malware, DDoS attacks, viruses, and more. In 1999, a research project received funding from DARPA to develop the much needed protection from these hackers, and created the Lighthouse Project. This project created a system to rapidly detect, backtrack, and mitigate DDoS attacks and routing exploits. Today, the Lighthouse Project is known as Arbor Networks, and it continues to develop defensive measures against Internet-based attacks. Arbor Networks' technology is used by the vast majority of the world's top ISPs, as well as the biggest brands in finance, e-commerce, social media, and entertainment. Research, innovation, and problem solving are what we're all about. At Arbor, we've got your back. Click on the link above to learn how we can help protect you against the worst the Internet has to offer.
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