Keeping Cloud Services Running: Arbor Networks

July 17, 2013 The past few years have seen a huge increase in cloud-based businesses. There is a new environment where corporations like Amazon create cloud computing platforms. New companies base their technology on this platform, and existing businesses migrate to the cloud. This brings up several security concerns for these businesses. Over 50% of cloud service providers have experienced DDoS attacks. This is mainly due to the fact that these services have shared use of the platform. If the one service is attacked, the damage can affect all of the other services using the platform. Not only do the service providers need protection, but the infrastructure creators need protection as well. While a DDoS attack could take down a cloud service provider, an attack could also take down the base infrastructure, causing an outage for all service providers that use that platform. Arbor Networks protects the hosting provider, as well as their customers. This protection is resellable to their clients. We also arm our customers with Global Threat Intelligence so that we are always ready to stop the latest attacks. Click the link above to learn how to stay protected.
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A Differentiated Approach to Advanced Threat Protection: Arbor Networks
A Differentiated Approach to Advanced Threat Protection: Arbor Networks

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