BYOD & Mobility - Effects on Network Security: Arbor Networks

October 18, 2013 Welcome to HostingCon 2013. Gary Stockrider, Arbor Networks' Solutions Architect for the Americas, took some time to discuss the topics of BYOD (bring your own device) and mobile technology's effects on network security. BYOD has become more popular than ever, meaning workers are bringing their own laptops, tablets, and smartphones to and from public areas, opening these devices up to security threats. That's not to mention all the software that this technology is running that could open up the system to other forms of security threats. On top of that, if a device becomes infected out in public and is then brought back onto your private network, that network is now at risk. This makes network visibility very important. IT professionals need to be able to see what's happening on their network and what devices are connected. IT managers can then provide controlled access or limited access based on the hardware and the user. Arbor Networks, Inc., a leading provider of network security and management solutions for enterprise and service provider networks, is participating in HostingCon 2013 as both an exhibiting company and a presenter during the technical presentations taking place throughout the week. On Wednesday, June 19, Gary Sockrider, Arbor Networks' solutions architect for the Americas, will participate in a panel discussion on "Identifying DDoS Trends and Limiting Attacks." He will be joined by fellow network security experts Jeffrey Lyon, Curtis R. Curtis, and Neustar's Rodney Joffe focusing on best practices for defending against the increasingly complex and ever-evolving threats
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Closing the Loop. Understand and then Stop Advanced Threats

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