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February 10, 2015 Network attacks and hacks directed at nations, political organizations, and brands are on the rise, making international headlines. Arbor Network’s Dan Holden discusses the geopolitics of network security and how organizations can protect their infrastructure and sensitive data. Dan says that many people assume they need to monitor national issues when thinking of geopolitics. However, geopolitical concerns shouldn’t be limited to governments and their issues. Local issues and even sporting events can cause upheavals resulting in network attacks. As we’ve seen recently, even the entertainment industry can trigger massive geopolitical network breaches and attacks. Due to recent attacks, the desire for situational awareness regarding network security has increased. Arbor Networks sees things others can’t. Monitoring geopolitical activity, worldwide web traffic trends, and more, Arbor’s Internet security experts and a combination of cloud and on premise solutions keep organizations and their data safe while ensuring reliable infrastructure uptime. Click the link above to learn more about network threat analysis and how Arbor Networks can help your organization.
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アーバーネットワークスの年次ワールドワイド・インフラストラクチャ・セキュ  リティ・レポートを読むことの重要性は何だと考えていますか? | Arbor Networks
アーバーネットワークスの年次ワールドワイド・インフラストラクチャ・セキュ リティ・レポートを読むことの重要性は何だと考えていますか? | Arbor Networks Arbor のソリューションは、サービス・プロバイダ、企業、および政府機関が運営する相互に結び付いたネットワーク環境全体にわたって、総合的なネットワー...

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