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February 27, 2015 The next generation of technology professionals will certainly be prepared through some sort of degree or certification program, but a change is occurring that requires a different kind of preparation whether at an executive level or in roles with specialized expertise. This change is a personal responsibility to protect yourself and the business by taking into account what data is being shared at all times. Arbor Networks’ Dan Holden explores this change further and explains why network security professionals should be concerned about what they are saying, who they are sharing information with and how that communication is taking place. This may not come as natural to the Millennial generation, for instance, which is accustomed to sharing everything on social media platforms and not worrying about filtering their opinions. However, as the recent attacks and security breaches at Sony brought to light, hackers can go so far as to access everyday communications and emails of professionals in executive positions. Arbor Networks is here to support organizations around the world in monitoring and protecting networks with turnkey solutions. To learn more, click on the link above.
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Training the Next Generation of Technology Experts | Arbor Networks
Training the Next Generation of Technology Experts | Arbor Networks

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