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May 12, 2015 The global threat landscape has changed dramatically in recent years. Network challenges such as distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks used to be the main concern of Internet Service Providers. However, with the increased availability of botnets and low-cost, easy-to-use hacking tools, anyone can now launch an attack – and everyone is a potential target. Given the breadth and complexity of today’s DDoS attacks, service providers and the organizations they serve must work in tandem to tackle network challenges. That’s where Arbor comes in. We offer best-in-class network traffic management and DDoS mitigation solutions for service providers as well as internal network visibility and on-premise DDoS mitigation tools for enterprises and government organizations. Combined with our real-time threat analysis system, ATLAS, these capabilities create a 360-degree network security and management environment that enables our customers to proactively protect and maintain their networks in the face of both known and emerging threats.
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Pravail Security Analytics (Japanese)
Pravail Security Analytics (Japanese)

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