You’re a Mean One, Master Hack

December 15, 2015 JP Blaho

grinch hacker

I cannot help it. I love watching the “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.” So for the next holiday carol spook, I am taking the perspective of the security administrator who has just dealt with an advanced threat attack and breach at work…to the sound of “You’re a Mean One.” Enjoy!!!

You’re A Mean One, Master Hack

You’re a mean one, Master Hack
You really are a thief
You’re as helpful as a newbie
And a pain beyond belief
Master Hack
You’re a sore canine that is ridden with plaque

You’re a criminal, Master Hack
The law is not your friend
It’s your mission to bring havoc
To our network you upend
Master Hack
You’re an infected dirty puss-filled sac

You’re sadistic Master Hack
Your IP Scanner blows
Now I found your Jack the Ripper
Now my Applications froze
Master Hack
Your heart is full of spiders, and is the color black

You’re the devil, Master Hack
Your trickery has no bounds
The orchestrated attack
Has brought our systems down
Master Hack
Given the choice between an audit or you,
I’d take an audit every time!

The three best words that best describe you,
Are as follows, and I quote:

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